DINO-MITE PvE Cluster Rules
Join us! discord.gg/dino-mite!

General Rules

  1. Names of Players, Tribes, and dinos must be appropriate. Inappropriate names will result in immediate removal of your character. Continuing to use inappropriate names will result in a ban. Please do not use generic names like Human, 123, etc. It will also result in your character being removed! Discord nickname must be changed to your Character name, and include Tribe Name in brackets. Example: Steve [Ark Things]
  2. Cheating/hacks/exploits will not be tolerated and will result in an instant ban.
  3. The primary language of our servers is English. Please use English when speaking in discord or in global chat.
  4. We expect respect for every player. No use of foul names, insults or discrimination. Disrespect will result in a one time warning, and if it continues you will be banned.
  5. PvP behavior will not be tolerated. That means stealing, kiting dinos to bases, and other PvP activity.
  6. Leaving dinos all over the map will result in your dinos being destroyed by admins. DO NOT leave dinos everywhere. Repeat offending tribes (3x!) will have their structures/dinos wiped.
  7. Please do not give away high level dinos and gear to new players. This ruins their early game experience! Some resources and starter tames are allowed, but please keep it within reason.
  8. Decay Timers!! Default decay time is 10 days for every structure, dino and character. Supporters have 20 days and VIP's have 30 days. If you plan to be away for a longer period of time, open a ticket in discord and request the Vacation role which will give 60 days. You must notify us in discord upon your return so the Vacation status can be removed. Players found to be abusing this status will be wiped.
  9. When joining a tribe, make sure to MERGE tribes. If you fail to do this, you will no longer have access to your structures and dinos. Admins will not be held responsible for failure to merge tribes.
  10. DO NOT steal loot drops or dinos from other players. If someone is already present taming a dino or accessing a loot drop, move along. Not abiding by this guideline will result in a warning. If this behavior continues, it will result in a ban.
  11. DO NOT promote other Ark servers. Promoting other servers will result in a ban.

Building Rules

  1. Each tribe is permitted 1 Main Base per map, and three smaller satellite bases. Satellite bases must not exceed 5x10, they are not meant to be main bases, just a respawn point or quick crafting/repair station.
  2. Traps must be picked up after use. Traps found around the map will be destroyed at the Admins discretion.
  3. CAVE BUILDING IS ENABLED. Be respectful to other players and do not block Resource Rich areas, Artifacts, Loot Crates, Runes, Explorer Notes and most importantly the entrance to a cave that contains these items. Structures found not following this guideline will be removed immediately.
  4. Blocking any Resource Rich areas is forbidden. This includes Beacons, Loot Crates, Beaver Dams, Nests, Mission Terminals, City Terminals, etc. Structures found not following this guideline will be removed immediately.
  5. If you decide to move bases, you must destroy every structure so the spot will be available for other players to use. We understand that sometimes, foundations go under the map. If this is the case, open a ticket in discord and an Admin can remove them.
  6. Building at Obelisk Terminals is forbidden. Structures here will be removed without warning.
  7. Oil Pumps and Gas Veins: You are allowed one collector for each. If you have more than one, they must be unlocked for community use. If multiple locked collectors are found, they will be removed.
  8. DO NOT build in spawn points! If players spawn in your base and cannot get out, your base will be removed without warning.

Auction House
Dinos, items, blueprints and eggs can all be sold in Auction Houses across the cluster. Any dino with any stat that exceeds 100 points must be neutered/spayed before being sold. This includes eggs, do not sell eggs from dinos that have stats over 100 points.

Tickets can be opened to retrieve lost items and dinos ONLY in the case of a server issue or API bug. Tickets opened to return dinos or items from crossing the world border, being lost or dying will be denied.
Please don't open tickets for server crashes. When a server crash happens, we are notified.
Please don't open tickets for mod updates. Our servers will auto update, and they do so as soon as the update is released for servers. Unfortunately, steam very often releases updates to clients sooner. We are unable to do anything about this.